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How to use lace-up hoisting grip when install coaxial cable

How to use lace-up hoisting grip when install coaxial cable

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What is hoisting grip?
Hoisting grip do great help to quick and convenient coaxial cable installation. It is usually made by stainless steel or tinned copper. These kinds of materials make it corrosion resistance and good ductility. There are two types for feeder cable hoisitng : lace-up & pre-laced hoisting grip.

Lace-up hoisting grip can lace up at any point of waveguide cable, so it's commonly applied to installed cable, making cable replacing easily. However, it's also widely used in any other fields, like Fiber optic cable, Marine, Petroleum and so on. It features a small component but a large working load, easy to use for quick operation.


Here are some tips for correctly installing lace-up hoisting grip:



Step 1. Choose an proper location at the cable. This location may have an enough length between the connector and the grip, so that the the antenna input can easily reached when hoisting is ended. Then place the hoisting grip on it.


Step 2. Find the first three loop pairs to be laced at the crimp fittings. Make sure that they are not tangled. Matched these three loops pair correctly as it would influence the maximum gripping strength.


Step 3. Tape both crimped fittings to the cable orwaveguide. This will align the loop pairs of the hoisting grip and aid in lacing.


Step 4. Fold the lace in half to form a crease at the center. Starting at the top, pass the lace through the first loop pair so that the crease is between them.



Step 5. Continue lacing so that the seam is straight and the lace is pulled so that the space between both sides of the seam is no greater than the spaces of the mesh next to the loop. Do not skip any loop pairs of the grip when lacing; this will weaken the hoisting grip. The grip can be compressed from bottom to top to simplify lacing.

Step 6. Tightly twist the lacing together several times at the end of the seam. Wrap the lace around the hoisting grip, twist it together, and thread the remainder of lace through the grip . Do not time knots or hitches with the lace because they will not hold



Step 7. IMPORTANT: First, remove the tape from the top of the hoisting grip. Then, place both hands firmly around the bottom of the gripand slide them upward to the top. This pulling action removes slack throughout the grip. Do this twice. Taping the bottom 3" (76mm) of the grip will help prevent slippage.

Step 8. Attach the hoist line to the grip. Tie the cable or waveguide leader to the hoist line so that the leader does not dangle. Apply tension slowly to the hoist line to allow the hoisting grip to tighten uniformly on the cable or waveguide.