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Band 38 bandpass filter 2570-2620MHz band-pass filter 50W sma passive band pass filters

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Band 38 bandpass filter 2570-2620MHz band-pass filter 50W sma passive band pass filters


Band-pass filter or bandpass filter (BPF) is a device that passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects (attenuates)
frequencies outside that range. Bandpass filters are widely used in wireless transmitters and receivers. The main function of such a filter in a transmitter is to limit the bandwidth of the output signal to the band allocated for the transmission. This prevents the transmitter from interfering with other stations. In a receiver, a bandpass filter allows signals within a selected range of frequencies to be heard or decoded, while preventing signals at unwanted frequencies from getting through. In both transmitting and receiving applications, well-designed bandpass filters, having the optimum bandwidth for the mode and speed of communication being used, maximize the number of signal transmitters that can exist in a system, while minimizing the interference or competition among signals.

Product Information:

Item No: FIL-B38-50-G40

Frequence: 2570-2620 MHz

Insertion Loss: ≤1 dB

Power: 50W

Connector: SMA Female

Size: 75 x 50 x 34mm(connector not included)

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