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RF cable fixing material, cable clamp cable hanger standoff angle adapter

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DEACHO-cable fixing
Product description


RF cable fixing material, cable clamp cable hanger standoff angle adapter

Cable Clamp is designed for wireless application, and widely used in site installation to fix coaxial feeder cables to base
towers, these clamps provide an efficient way of managing & securing the feeder installation system.

Cable hangers provide a reliable solution for supporting single or multi runs of coaxial cable in wireless systems. Corrosion resistant stainless-steel construction ensures long term integrity in extreme weather applications.

Stand-Off Adapters enable hangers or clamp to be mounted to larger members, stand-off are slotted to accept round member adapters or banding straps for mounting on any size round tower member.

Angle Adapters are used to attach a variety of cable hangers to angled tower members without drilling any holes into the tower leg. Snap-In angle adapter is comprised of stainless steel and has two 3/4" holes for use with snap-in hangers, wider opening allows more versatility in mounting. It can convert the 3/4" hole to 3/8" with insert. The stainless-steel bolt locks the angle adapter to tower member, the toothed jaw effectively secures large volumes of coax in heavy wind and ice condition.

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