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Silicone rubber cold shrink tubing with mastic tape, weatherproof 12 jumper cable to RRU or antenna 4.3-10, N, DIN connector

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Product Description


Silicone rubber cold shrink tubing with mastic tape, weatherproof 1/2 jumper cable to RRU or antenna 4.3-10, N, DIN connector


SCS series is silicone cold shrink tubes, provide a quick and easy method for protecting and sealing for an inline connection, terminal lug, etc., cold shrink tubing is an open-ended tubular rubber sleeve , pre-expanded on a removable core for easy installation. Silicone cold shrink tube are made from silicone rubber which does not contain chlorides or sulfur. ESCS series is built-in mastic silicone rubber cold shrink tube,  had been taken mastic in the silicone rubber tube at both ends for optimize sealing performance.
The core is removed after the tube has been positioned for installation, allowing the tube to shrink and form a water-resistant seal. In applications where the different cable diameter cannot be covered with the tube range, a
foam tape is included in the package. The foam tape is used to increase the smallest cable diameter and assure the sealing of the clod shrink tube.
Feature & Advantages.
• Simple installation; requires no tools, no torches or heat required.
• Accommodates a wide range of cable sizes
• Good thermal stability
• Seals tight; retains its resiliency and pressure even after prolonged  years of aging and exposure
• Excellent wet electrical properties
• No mastic or tape required to seal
• Resists acids and alkalis; resists ozone
• UV resistant, Ozone-resistant, RoHS compliant
Inner diameter of plastic core as supplied: 40 mm
Length after full shrink (nothing inside)-L: 152 mm
Length as supplied-L1: 140±10 mm
Application range: 11-35 mm
Item No.: MSCS40X152
Material: Solid silicone rubber, mastic
Application: weatherproofing for cell sites
It is used to seal 1/2" jumper cable to device (RRU, ANT, through , N, 4.3-10 connector.


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